Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Down in the dumps~

This is the way I feel today!
My heart feels like it is on the ground, out of my chest.
Kids can be so cruel. Many of you know that I am a single mom.
My now ex-husband abandoned my son and I in 2004.
My son was 5.
Yesterday in school one of the kids said to him
"At least I have a Father"
Do you have any idea how much Love and protection and therapy
I have had my son go through?
I just hurt inside and all I want to do is cry.


Judy said...
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Judy said...

Ouch! Cute puppy picture though. I was a single mom too and it can be tough. Kids (some other kids, that is) don't understand the meaning behind what they say. Of course your child has a father; he just isn't in the home. Sometimes that's a blessing unfortunately, but this other child would not understand that (or maybe he does).

Judy said...

Forgot to add -- be strong.

Nancy StylenDecorDeals.blogspot.com said...

Just continue to give your son all your love and he will grow into a confident, fine young man. I grew up with 4 boys who lost their father to a drunk driver (the youngest was in diapers at that time) and I have no idea how the mother did it. They're all good fathers today!

Charlene Canfield said...

Thank you ladies!
I am over the hurt now. Won't forget but I will try. Thanks for your comments!