Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chobani Champions Review & Giveaway coming soon

~Be on the look out for my upcoming review and giveaway on Chobani Champions Greek Yogurt~

Monday, January 23, 2012

FINDING NEMO 3D - Official Trailer Now Available!!

FINDING NEMO returns to theatres for the first time in 3D September 14th, 2012!
I can't wait!
I think this will be so fun!
We can go swimming with the fish!
Check out the Finding Nemo 3D Trailer below!

FINDING NEMO (In Disney Digital 3D™)

Genre:                                      Animation/Comedy/Adventure
Rating:                                     G
U.S. Release Date:                  September 14, 2012
Voice Talent:        Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould, Willem Dafoe, Brad Garrett, Allison Janney, Austin Pendleton, Joe Ranft, Geoffrey Rush, Andrew Stanton,  Elizabeth Perkins
Director:                                             Andrew Stanton
Co-Director:                                       Lee Unkrich
Producer:                                           Graham Walters
Original Story by:                               Andrew Stanton
Screenplay by:                                   Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson and David Reynolds
Composer:                                         Thomas Newman

Academy Award®-winning Best Animated Feature “Finding Nemo” returns to the big screen for the first time ever in thrilling Disney Digital 3D™. In this stunning underwater adventure, with memorable characters, humor and heartfelt emotion, “Finding Nemo” follows the comedic and momentous journey of an overly protective clownfish named Marlin (voice by Albert Brooks) and his son Nemo (voice by Alexander Gould)––who become separated in the Great Barrier Reef when Nemo is unexpectedly taken far from his ocean home and dumped into a fish tank in a dentist’s office. Buoyed by the companionship of Dory (voice by Ellen DeGeneres), a friendly-but-forgetful Pacific regal blue tang, Marlin embarks on a dangerous trek and finds himself the unlikely hero of an epic effort to rescue his son––who hatches a few daring plans of his own to return safely home.


·         “Finding Nemo” won the 2003 Academy Award® for Best Animated Feature.
·         The film won a Golden Globe® Award for Best Motion Picture–Musical or Comedy.
·         At the time of its release, “Finding Nemo” was the highest grossing G-rated movie of all time.
·         Ellen DeGeneres won an MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance.
·         In 2008, The American Film Institute named “Finding Nemo” among the top 10 greatest animated films ever made.

Pixar Animation Studios’ classic “Finding Nemo” returns to the big screen in Disney Digital 3D™, introducing a new generation of family audiences to Nemo (voice by Alexander Gould), Marlin (voice by Albert Brooks) and Dory (voice by Ellen DeGeneres.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We´re excited to share that the Whole Grain First Ingredient coupon link now has additional prints! We received such a great response following the initial announcement, we wanted to offer the opportunity once again for those who didn´t get a chance to secure one. You and your readers can now click the link below to download a printable coupon for $1.75 off the purchase of any (2) cereals with the white check!
The Dietary Guidelines recommend choosing products with a whole grain listed as the first ingredient. Now every cereal with the white check has more whole grain than any other single ingredient, with the same great taste. You will see whole grain as the first ingredient on the ingredient list, indicating that whole grain is the first and most prevalent ingredient.
According to Dr. Travis Stork, emergency room physician and host of "The Doctors," identifying whole grain products can be challenging. Shoppers can look for cues on the front of the box, but they need to read the ingredient list to know if they are getting products with whole grain as the first ingredient. Ingredient lists detail ingredients in order of prevalence, and if the words "whole" or "whole grain" are followed by a grain like wheat or oats, it means the food contains more whole grain than any other single ingredient. Here´s how to determine if your cereals have whole grain as a first ingredient:

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People really want to make healthy eating decisions, but there are a lot of messages vying for their attention in the supermarket. This can be especially true when it comes to determining which foods have a meaningful amount of whole grain. Dr. Stork has some additional recommendations to help you include whole grain easily into your diet. They include:
  • Start Early! The Dietary Guidelines recommend people get at least 48 grams of whole grain in their daily diets. Get a jump-start on the day´s nutrition by incorporating whole grain into your morning routine. For instance, when choosing cereal make sure whole grain is listed as the first ingredient. One easy choice is cereal with the white check, which have more whole grain than any other single ingredient.
  • Make Simple Swaps. Choose whole grain versions of the foods you love. Great options include whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread or even whole grain crackers. Also, try different types of whole grain. Use brown rice instead of white rice as a side dish at dinner or popcorn, which is a whole grain, for a snack.
  • Don´t Judge a Food by Its Cover. The front of food packages provide good nutritional cues, but don´t forget to read the ingredients and check the nutrition label and side labels for additional health information. Cereals with the white check even include the amount of whole grain per serving on packaging.
Check out Dr. Travis Stork in this brief video on how to find whole grain.

To help make it easier to find whole grain products, General Mills developed "Fast Lane for Whole Grain," an online educational game. Consumers can navigate virtual grocery store aisles and identify products that have whole grain as the first ingredient, with the option to enter a sweepstakes to win one of each of the 50 cereals with the white check.
In connection with healthier lifestyles, a diet rich in whole grain has been linked to healthier body weights, and it may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.
Make a commitment to incorporate more whole grain into your family´s diets by starting their day with a bowl of cereal with the white check, including Cheerios®, Lucky Charms®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, Honey Nut Cheerios® and Total®. For more information on the importance of whole grain and a chance to enter the "Fast Lane for Whole Grain" sweepstakes visit
~This coupon is now active~

In addition, your readers can visit HERE to download a printable coupon for $1.75 off the purchase of any (2) cereals with the white check today!                      

Sunday, January 15, 2012

AnnRidgeCreations Etsy Shop

I wanted to share an Etsy shop with you!
I received a Christmas card last month and it was just the cutest card I have ever received.

~Here is a picture of it~

It came in it's own little box. 
I was so impressed.
You can check out this shop to see the some other cute cards.
These are not your normal cards.
To receive one of these "creations" sends a very special feeling.
Click Here to check out more!
The name of the shop is



Saturday, January 14, 2012

There are several giveaways over at The Suburban Jungle

I thought I would share a few giveaways I have found over at 
The Suburban Jungle.

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Now to check out some giveaways!

The Frosted Toast Crunch is HERE.

Then we have...

The $25. Sam's Club gift card HERE.

And the...
Ocean Spray Fruit Snack giveaway HERE.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Giveaway at Momma's Reviews!

Giveaway: Bonus Box Tops for Education at Sam's Club. Win a $25 Sam's Giftcard #myblogspark #bglu Over at Momma's Reviews!

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Good luck to ya!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Don't blink

Do you think life can change in an instance? 

I do.  I have had several life changing events.  My first and biggest event happened 13 years ago tonight.  I can just about tell you all the details of the evening. I remember my son was 6 months old. My mom and dad watched him while I worked. My husband was working at Target. When I got home from work I was in no hurry to go home. I stayed around my parent’s house for a while.  I remember working on my dad’s feet. He was diabetic and I often cleaned and cut his toe nails.  Then I remember having my son on the floor and playing the “Hokey Pokey”.  A little while passed and my Dad was playing on the computer. He had a hunting game he liked to play. I remember he said he was going to “take his grandson hunting”.  That is the last memory of my dad while he was alive. There are more details to that day and night but we will not get into them.  

I just want everyone to take a minute and appreciate who you have and what you have. You may not have them long.  

Dad, I love you and miss you each and every day!