Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~Bless his heart~

I Love This Kid!

He is so Special!

I wouldn't trade him for nothing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Stay Calm!! Kingdom Hearts PSP giveaway!

~Oh my goodness~
If my son knew about this giveaway he would be asking EVERY day,
several times a day... Did we win, yet?
So I think it is a good thing that he does not subscribe to my blog!
Tricia over at Night Owl Mama has an AWESOME giveaway going on.
I don't know how she came across this one but I sure wish I could come
across one like this.
She has the opportunity for 5... yes 5 of her readers to win a
~PSP Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Giveaway Bundle~

Here is what is in the bundle:

A retail copy of the KINGDOM HEARTS BBS game
A sheet of Disney/Kingdom Hearts character magnets
A set of Disney/Kingdom Hearts character postcards
a set of 2 Disney/Kingdom Hearts mini posters

My son would love to get his hands on one of these!
So head on over to Night Owl Mama's site and enter.
(if you don't have a child and want to make one REAL happy
enter it for CJ)
She has many ways to enter and it will stay open until October 15, 2010.
Good Luck to you!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

And The Winner Is...

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Congratulations Glitter Graphics

First I want to thank everyone who entered this contest!
I love free stuff! As a single mom it is my chance to get
stuff that I wouldn't normally get.


And the winner is:

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September 15, 2010 9:41 AM

#52 Belle said...

I would get a new coffee maker for my daughter, she needs it!belledun at gmail dot com
I am emailing you now!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newest update on Riley

Please pray for this strong amazing family!

When I give updates on Riley I copy directly from her carepage. This is the information directly from her parents, Kirk & Kelly Philpot.

His Plans
Posted 11 hours ago
Almost 7 weeks have passed since we found out that Riley’s cancer returned. Waiting and trying to be patient for the right path for Riley. Some days have passed easily and others have dragged along unable to forget about what she may be facing. All the kids have been enjoying school and enjoyed soccer practice last weekend.
The weeks since scans showing the cancer growing and spreading have been the same, but hard knowing that as well as she appears, her cancer continues to grow.
So as we waited for any news, we found some peace when we were able to let some of “it” go because even if you could pray 24 hours daily you can’t make Him change His plans. Trusting that His plan is the only right plan. We prayed for the path to be so clear that there would be no mistaking it and for angels to block our path if it wasn’t right.
We received word the FDA approved the immunotherapy Friday (Using Riley and Ella’s WBC’s to attack a specific marker on her tumors). They reviewed her scans and called Tuesday to let us know the surgeon in NY did not want to do surgery but they could give her infusions anyway. We questioned not doing surgery since it was in their original plan to reduce the amount of cancer the WBC’s would have to fight. They left the decision to us to proceed with surgery here if we wanted and have the infusion done later in NY. So last night we prayed and prayed for the answer. We told Riley she might be facing surgery again and asked that she pray for the best answer. Our surgeons here are reviewing her scans tomorrow.
When she got up today, I asked if she had prayed and she answered “Yes.” Impatiently I asked if she had an answer and she replied “Not yet, He has a lot of other people all over the world to take care of you know.” In her perfect patience, she went off to school.
So how shocked are we when doctors in NY called back today just before noon and said they don’t want to wait for her to have surgery and to be in NY at 7:30 am tomorrow for tests and to have the first infusion! Now that is clear and He must have sent an army of angels to block our other paths.
So pray for safe travel through the night. Of course the best news would be that no cancer is found on tests tomorrow, but we accept His will and are following the path as quickly as we can. Pray for the infusion of WBC’s to attack all the cancer and show His mighty power.
We will likely be headed back to NC on Friday, but Riley will need to go to NY each week for infusions. Tentative plans for scans again in 3 weeks and surgery then based on the results.
We travel tonight, on this path, amazed at His mighty power and His plan. Rejoice in Him.
Kirk & Kelly
And for those who want to know about cards, we are blessed by all the cards we have received (at least 40,000 in the past year). We have some friends currently helping us get through the mail. We have learned to accept that no matter how her simple request turned into something more (and not entirely true in the emails)it is still His plan to draw people to her story (and His story). Riley enjoys each card as she realizes it reprents prayer. All that we ask is that people understand the truth behind the request. We don't want people with great intentions being mislead. And if your wondering, the world recored was 33 million cards and we wouldn't even want to think about thhat (and Guinness doesn't allow that record attempt anymore when they realized how out of hand it became.)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

CSN Giveaway

CSN contacted me and asked if I wanted to do another review/giveaway...
Well I jumped at the chance. I started looking around (again) and ended up finding this coffee table they have. CSN has anything you could want. I have gotten a few things from them and they are very fast in getting your order to you.

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I was not compensated in any way from CSN Stores. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Latest information on Riley Philpot

For those of you who have been following me I wanted you to be updated too...

Posted 8 hours ago
Our days have been passing quickly and thankfully Riley continues to feel good. The kids have started back to school which has added additional stress to our household. Earlier bedtimes, hectic mornings, and busy afternoons are hampering our ability to play, relax, and just enjoy the kids, but on the other hand we are thrilled to still be in the normal routines of life despite our not so normal situation. What a balancing act of trying to act normal to fit in, yet being unable to ignore the facts that are staring us in the face so we can best prepare ourselves, our family, and our relationships for what may be the hardest time of our lives. In preparing our relationships we have many to consider and several that are crucial to preserve. So we pray that God will remain visible to us and that we are able to continue raising our hands to Him in praise and thanksgiving for the wonderful things He will craft from this situation.

We tried to update a couple of times, but our hearts ached so much that we would have only caused pain in others. We know others hurt with us, and spilling out our pain and sadness would not have helped anyone.

As others move on, the odd circumstances of our life are magnified. Thoughts of anything else are difficult for us as our minds are flooded with emotion but oddly many at the same time - hope, sadness, belief, doubt, anger, joy. We are overwhelmed as we cannot stop what is happening and it often seems unreal. We wish it were not real, however we don’t know His plan or what is to come, so we yield to His plan knowing that only He can master all the details to get us where we need to be for all of eternity.

Many try to encourage us with “don’t give up hope”. You do not need to fear us giving up hope, yet I think there are two types of hope. Hope for Life here and Hope for Life eternal. We do struggle to keep hope for “here” strong, but our hope for eternity is our anchor to Him. The latter is the type that was given by Christ and can never be taken away. We don’t want to bypass our hope for life here nor do we want to jump straight to our hope for eternity since Riley is still feeling well and we still hope for her to be healed here on earth. Even though Hope Eternal will sustain us for our life here, it doesn’t protect us from heartache. We don’t fear for our loved ones that will go home to Him, but fear the pain of living here without them.

So we pray for peace and for acceptance of His will. We pray for peace for you also. Riley’s concerns so deeply affect many and create some of the same feelings we have in others. We hope you too can work toward letting go of your hurt, fear or anger. Let Him help you so you can help us and others and we will pray for the same.

Riley had a follow up scan done Wednesday which showed that tumor in the right lung has grown significantly and 3 new tumors are now confirmed. We were not medically surprised yet we were disappointed to see such a drastic change in such a short period of time. Riley was not surprised either to hear that her disease had progressed. She told us weeks ago she felt there would be nothing to do and then again nothing to do, however she followed with, “Then when my cancer is gone you and Dad will write about it on carepages and show His mighty power!” Our hearts hope too, but how? We pray His mighty power will be very clear for us all to see.

For Riley, medically there is very little that is proven to “help” and nothing left that can cure her. Our efforts for quantity could rob us of quality. Who do we make our choices for - Riley, ourselves or God? The way is not yet clear, but we must do what is best for Him, then Riley, and finally ourselves. We hope a choice exists that can please us all.

The only option we seem to be pursuing right now is the possibility of immunotherapy, yet that is unproven and even untested in a Wilm’s patient. Seems right up there with something God might like us to try since it has been so perfectly laid out for only Riley! As for the immunotherapy (a targeted White Blood Cell line against the protein expressed on Riley’s tumor) the physician in NY has submitted a petition to the FDA to ask for approval to use Ella’s white blood cell line for Riley. It is unusual to have a sibling with such a close immunity that this could even be possible, but Riley and Ella are nearly identical matches. I hold out hope that they match for a reason and that God doesn’t make mistakes. If the FDA approves the trial, Riley may need to face another lung surgery in hopes to remove as much cancer as possible to give the immunotherapy the best chance to work. So that puts us right back to our concern of causing her more problems than benefit as now she would be facing open lung surgery on both sides if that is even possible based on her latest CT scan.

So we give it up to God and His mighty power to decide our path. We ask that you pray for the way to be clear and to accomplish His will. We hope to hear the FDA’s response in the next week. Please pray that this path opens up smoothly if it is the Will of God.

We hold on to God and we continue to hope, yet we are very sad and hope His peace can help us face our reality. On the other hand Riley remains steady and calm. We thank Him for her peace. We rejoice in Him that she can enjoy each day unaffected by the surrounding world and her own concerns. Spending time with her can bring such peace that we don’t want her to leave us - I can only imagine how great it will feel to be with Him someday.

In closing, we hope God’s story of Riley will be yet another amazing story about the perfect Love of God.

John 9:1-3. As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"
"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”

Only He knows how He plans to ultimately show his work, but we trust everything has happened for that purpose and hope we can do all He expects of us as her thankful parents here on earth.

Rejoice in hope, endure in affliction, and persevere in prayer. Romans 12:12. We are persevering in prayer and we are thankful for all who pray with us. We are blessed to have a pastor from New Hope Free Will Baptist Church in Clayton NC who has felt called to organize an event allowing many churches and believers to come together and pray for and with Riley on Saturday Sept 4th at 11 am. If anyone wants to join us in prayer please feel free to join us on Saturday at New Hope Free Will Baptist Church 700 Stallings St in Clayton, NC 27520. From what we hear there may be several free will bikers coming in from Greenville SC. So hop on your Harley or jump in your minivan to join us if you can.

Holding our hands up to Him, Kirk & Kelly
Riley's Army