Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newest update on Riley

Please pray for this strong amazing family!

When I give updates on Riley I copy directly from her carepage. This is the information directly from her parents, Kirk & Kelly Philpot.

His Plans
Posted 11 hours ago
Almost 7 weeks have passed since we found out that Riley’s cancer returned. Waiting and trying to be patient for the right path for Riley. Some days have passed easily and others have dragged along unable to forget about what she may be facing. All the kids have been enjoying school and enjoyed soccer practice last weekend.
The weeks since scans showing the cancer growing and spreading have been the same, but hard knowing that as well as she appears, her cancer continues to grow.
So as we waited for any news, we found some peace when we were able to let some of “it” go because even if you could pray 24 hours daily you can’t make Him change His plans. Trusting that His plan is the only right plan. We prayed for the path to be so clear that there would be no mistaking it and for angels to block our path if it wasn’t right.
We received word the FDA approved the immunotherapy Friday (Using Riley and Ella’s WBC’s to attack a specific marker on her tumors). They reviewed her scans and called Tuesday to let us know the surgeon in NY did not want to do surgery but they could give her infusions anyway. We questioned not doing surgery since it was in their original plan to reduce the amount of cancer the WBC’s would have to fight. They left the decision to us to proceed with surgery here if we wanted and have the infusion done later in NY. So last night we prayed and prayed for the answer. We told Riley she might be facing surgery again and asked that she pray for the best answer. Our surgeons here are reviewing her scans tomorrow.
When she got up today, I asked if she had prayed and she answered “Yes.” Impatiently I asked if she had an answer and she replied “Not yet, He has a lot of other people all over the world to take care of you know.” In her perfect patience, she went off to school.
So how shocked are we when doctors in NY called back today just before noon and said they don’t want to wait for her to have surgery and to be in NY at 7:30 am tomorrow for tests and to have the first infusion! Now that is clear and He must have sent an army of angels to block our other paths.
So pray for safe travel through the night. Of course the best news would be that no cancer is found on tests tomorrow, but we accept His will and are following the path as quickly as we can. Pray for the infusion of WBC’s to attack all the cancer and show His mighty power.
We will likely be headed back to NC on Friday, but Riley will need to go to NY each week for infusions. Tentative plans for scans again in 3 weeks and surgery then based on the results.
We travel tonight, on this path, amazed at His mighty power and His plan. Rejoice in Him.
Kirk & Kelly
And for those who want to know about cards, we are blessed by all the cards we have received (at least 40,000 in the past year). We have some friends currently helping us get through the mail. We have learned to accept that no matter how her simple request turned into something more (and not entirely true in the emails)it is still His plan to draw people to her story (and His story). Riley enjoys each card as she realizes it reprents prayer. All that we ask is that people understand the truth behind the request. We don't want people with great intentions being mislead. And if your wondering, the world recored was 33 million cards and we wouldn't even want to think about thhat (and Guinness doesn't allow that record attempt anymore when they realized how out of hand it became.)


DJ said...

This story has truly touched my heart. I have shared the "true" story with others. Keep trusting in Him. God is in control. I love you Riley.
I'm praying for you all,
Darleen Jones, Morehead City, NC