Monday, September 20, 2010

Stay Calm!! Kingdom Hearts PSP giveaway!

~Oh my goodness~
If my son knew about this giveaway he would be asking EVERY day,
several times a day... Did we win, yet?
So I think it is a good thing that he does not subscribe to my blog!
Tricia over at Night Owl Mama has an AWESOME giveaway going on.
I don't know how she came across this one but I sure wish I could come
across one like this.
She has the opportunity for 5... yes 5 of her readers to win a
~PSP Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Giveaway Bundle~

Here is what is in the bundle:

A retail copy of the KINGDOM HEARTS BBS game
A sheet of Disney/Kingdom Hearts character magnets
A set of Disney/Kingdom Hearts character postcards
a set of 2 Disney/Kingdom Hearts mini posters

My son would love to get his hands on one of these!
So head on over to Night Owl Mama's site and enter.
(if you don't have a child and want to make one REAL happy
enter it for CJ)
She has many ways to enter and it will stay open until October 15, 2010.
Good Luck to you!


Night Owl Mama said...

thank you for blogging I appreciate it. I don't think it's always in the same order unless you click alpha, when I go there it's looking like it's in order of votes. Not always in the same order if others vote then I move up a count. I'll have to look at that too. When I look you can vote daily I've voted for others. Maybe it's within a 24 hr period? I'll have to look at the rules.
thanks for all your comments

I appreciate all that you do to enter my giveaways and I wish you Good luck.
Thank you