Thursday, July 9, 2009

BlogHer Reviewers try Smartfood and Give You 10 Chances to Win $100!

OK! This is how I see it..
(she kind of even looks like me, huh?)
Is heading up this awsome GIVE-A-Way!
The link above and the 8 following links are ways you can enter.
What do you have to lose? My mom eats the SmartFood popcorn clusters and LOVES them.
I have enjoyed looking at all of the following sites and entering in their giveaways for the $100.
Trust me, I could use it. CJ's Birthday is the 24th and even though I have
already given him his gift, I would like to get him something else. Or there is
the major Growth Spurt he has had in the past few months I could use the money for him
some school clothes. Trust me, I could find many ways to spend it.
Good Luck, and if I don't win, I hope you do!