Friday, September 4, 2009

Sites for Mom's Weight Watchers Ladies

My mom told me you wanted to know where I was getting all these coupons for some really great stuff... Well, if you join these sites they send you coupons for stuff to try and sometimes coupons to share. If you stop by and read this try to leave me a comment. (I feel so lonely over here, I want to know someone is looking) So, here we go, check out these sites, join and then watch your mailbox.
Now, these are just a few of the sites that are out there. I will say Vocalpoint sends the most out.
You may want to try the All You magazine. I just renewed my subscription for an awesome rate. Go on over to Mommy Snacks and you can get this rate too. 24 issues for 20 Bucks!
When you have time my side bar has a lot of different buttons, click on the button and check out the different sites. I didn't list the printable coupon sites, but if you click on most of the buttons on the side they will take you there.
(I'm small time compaired to them)
Have fun and happy hunting!