Thursday, June 3, 2010

Something everyone should read!

Tonight I believe I came close to death!
My mom had texted me and wanted to know what my plans were. I told her I didn't have any, what did she have in mind? She answered GC..(code for Golden Corral) So I texted her back and said I would meet them (her and my son) there.
We get to the Golden Corral and started to eat. I of course got steak because I never buy it. I guess it was either to big, I didn’t chew it good… I really don’t know.
I kept trying to swallow it… but it wouldn’t go down! It wouldn't come out either! Then I tried to cough…Oh my gosh…It wont come out! I couldn’t cough, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t breath. I went for the water, maybe I can make it go down with water… By this time my mom was asking if I was ok. Then the water started running out of my mouth because it wouldn’t go down. Oh my God, I am going to die. My son will not have a parent! Then I thought of when he was a baby you tell kids to lift their arms in the air. I think I was in the process of trying to stand and do that.. but I think my mom started pounding on my back…FINALLY… it came out! In my 44 years, I never remember anything like that. So I came home and looked up choking on the internet and wanted to share these things with you. It really scared me! And now my chest, my throat and my back hurts from trying to get that darn piece of steak out!


• Occurs when foreign object is lodged in windpipe
• This blocks oxygen supply to brain
• In adults, choking occurs due to food
• In children it also occurs on swallowing an object
• Choking could be fatal, if first aid not given


• Swallowing a large piece of food
• Swallowing food that is not well chewed
• Eating food quickly
• Eating and talking
• Consuming alcohol before a meal
• Wearing dentures
• Being careless about children
• Walking / playing with food in mouth


• Hands will grasp throat
• Breathlessness
• Noisy breathing
• Inability to cough
• Skin, nails and lips may turn blue
• Loss of consciousness


• Heimlich maneuver and CPR –2 techniques
• If person is unable to talk, try Heimlich maneuver
• Forces the diaphragm upto the lungs
• Creates an artificial cough

Heimlich Maneuver on a standing person

• Stand behind the person
• Form a fist with one hand
• Place fist below ribcage, thumb inward
• Hold the fist with other hand
• Keep arms off ribcage
• Give four inward and upward thrust
• Repeat till the object is ejected
• Same method is used for a child too

Heimlich Maneuver On an Unconscious Person

• If person is lying down, straddle the person with your knees
• Place heel of one hand above waistline
• Place other hand over the first
• Give four inward and upward thrust
• Repeat till object is coughed out

Heimlich Maneuver On an Infant

• Place your forearm over your raised knees
• Place the infant face down over your fore arm
• Give four blows using the heel of your hand
• Repeat till object comes out
• If it does not work, turn the baby
• Place two fingers an inch below the imaginary line connecting nipples
• Give four thrusts forcefully to bring out the object
• Repeat if required


• While eating, concentrate on the task
• Do not eat quickly, without chewing
• Supervise children while they eat
• Give easily chewable, soft food to children
• Do not leave tiny objects within the reach of children

This information was taken directly from the following site:
Choking - First Aid and Emergency Treatment Guide


Pixie said...

WHOA! close call! Glad you're ok!

Charlene Canfield said...

Thanks! Me too.. my poor son wouldn't eat after that!

TheEclecticElement said...

Oh dear! I'm so glad your okay >.<
Sometimes, events like those have to happen for us to learn the lessons we need-As scary as they might be!
Because of this occurrence and you blogging about it, you could be saving countless lives :)

It's always better to take the positive away from a situation.