Thursday, July 15, 2010

The way I feel today!

Do you ever feel sad, alone, depressed, angry, hurt, heavey hearted and you don't know why?

That is the kind of day I am having.

I just want to cry... But what good would that do?

So I ate a honey bun...Did that help...NO.

I Don't want to be at work and I have so much to do.

God Help Me!! Please!
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Pixie said...


Momma Such said...

Hang in there hon. It'll get better! I was having one of those days earlier today to be quite honest. The boys were messing everything up and they were all fighting and being really loud. Being pregnant and almost due my hormones are crazy! I assure you though that we all have these days from time to time. Try to do something relaxing for yourself when you get a chance. :)

Charlene Canfield said...

Thanks for your comments Ladies! I will be fine at 5:00 today. If I can get through today it will be great! Momma Such: I hope you have the baby before the 24th as I predicted. I know you are ready to go!

Christa Terry said...

I have those days! The only good thing about days like those is that they end!