Monday, November 1, 2010

~Update on Riley~

Please keep Riley and her Family in your prayers~

Posted 5 minutes ago  11/1/2010

Riley’s CT scan on Friday showed slight decrease in size of the tumor on the right with further cavitation (tumor cells dying) and the tumor on the left stayed same size but “was almost completely gone due to cavitation.

We give praise for the results although we would love to the words again “all clear.” We prayed for what was needed for His plan to be evident on the scans.

So discussion with doctors at home and NY, we would proceed with the WBC infusion Monday if Riley’s blood counts were recovered well enough from chemo. Surprisingly, Riley’s blood counts hadn’t improved much in a week and was lower than NY had wanted. Finally it was decided, that they may be able to still proceed so we are taking the leap to be in NY today in hopes to start therapy. We will meet with researchers after some more blood tests and decide.

We are on the edge of what we hope is a miracle. A miracle for Riley could lead to a miracle for others too. We open ourselves to His will and pray we will do what is necessary. We pray for her continued recovery from chemo, her cancer to respond miraculously to this new therapy, avoidance of side effects and His glory to be evident to all. Safe travels for us and peace for the kids while we are gone.

Thanks for the prayers and those who are helping while we are gone.