Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is going on with Riley?

November 2, 2010 @ 2:50

No Step! Counts dropping

What is going on? Riley’s WBC is dropping further which has bothered the NY doctors and want to wait to see what is going on. This is surprising at this point. Her WBC remains low enough to put her at risk of infection and fever. So we stayed in NY with hopes of better blood counts today. For some reason her WBC counts are lower than last week and there are some risks with the infusion we didn‘t know about so we are postponing this treatment until her WBC improves (maybe next week).

With her blood counts low, we hung out in the Ronald McDonald house (RMH), but couldn’t get on to the internet in our room until today. For wireless access you have to sign up and give them your email - problem with logic there - how do most get the password on email without internet? Thankfully we have our blackberry but still didn’t get the email until today.

We have stayed at the 2nd oldest RMH and now the current largest RMH. We miss the little cozy RMH in Chicago. This one has 82 rooms and all are cancer patients, but all rooms have TV’s and bathrooms so no one has to share much common space. Maybe the design was to reduce infection potential but seems more like a hotel than the RMH we were used to in Chicago. Anyway, we had a good day of rest.

Right now looking for a way back home tomorrow. Think we’ll go take a walk and learn a little more about this city.

We pray for quick recovery of her WBC’s so she can proceed with this treatment and protection from illness/fever during her recovery.

We have waited before and we must wait now. We will always wait on His plan.


Judy said...

Praying for Riley, you, and your family that God will reveal his plan soon and give you abundant grace in the meantime.