Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Please keep Riley in your Prayers today~

2-22 : Be Thankful

Posted 6 hours ago

Dr Lord,

As you ask, we come to you today again in thanksgiving. We thank you for this day, for our situation, and for where we are - as it is exactly where you designed us to be. We thank you for the gift of Riley and for her willingness to serve as a vessel for you. We thank you for the medical staff who has helped to care for Riley over the past 5 years and we ask that you continue to guide their work especially today as she goes into surgery. Guide the hands, minds, and hearts of your medical team that they may care for Riley as only you can. Keep her safe and comfortable and speak your word of healing to her while she is asleep.

More importantly we remember to come to you in thanksgiving for your most precious gift of Baby Jesus. We are thankful for the promises you have granted to us through Him and through His crucifixion. We come to you today asking and knowing that you will stay true to your promises - as you always have and always will. It is through Jesus’ stripes and crucifixion that we are healed of all our sins, iniquities, and infirmities. Only say the Word and we all shall be healed.

God please open our hearts and minds to the grace of your mercy and your willingness and desire to heal us all. Help us not to doubt you, but instead guide us in our thoughts, actions, and words so that we may speak the truth which always lies in you and never in earthly knowledge.

In your hands we place Riley today and forever, as we know that is the true safe place to be.

In your name we pray and we believe! Amen