Monday, February 28, 2011

Riley's Update

Keep Moving

Posted 2 minutes ago

Keep Moving. That is how Riley tackles the world. Better even might be "Keep Living."

She came home Friday night from the hospital. She has recovered like a champ. We left for NY Sunday and she just received her next infusion of Ella's WBC's. She will be returning to NY next week and every 1-2 weeks.

Not sure how long we can have the treatments, but we pray the FDA approves further treatments.

To explain what we hope this treatment does is like putting out pre-emergent weed killer on your lawn. We have been treating Riley so new tumors wouldn't grow but it won't theoretically kill what already had grown. She had surgery to remove the big tumors so now we expect the cells to have easier time of keeping new tumors away.

We are so thankful to God for his continued protection and awed at His plans. We look forward to spring, sunshine and spring sports. Riley has given up soccer this year, but has plans to start tennis lessons in March! She said she will be fine to play by then!

Thank God for Riley's Army beginning to move forward again. Thanks to the Board and Karen for keeping it going. We hope you will hear lots more about the good work in the months to come. Pray for Kimber as she takes on the task of helping us get back on track to help other families in need.

Praying, believing and expecting complete healing and continued growth with God as our Guide,

Kirk & Kelly